Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The reality of leaving for a month still hasn't really sunk in yet. I know I'm leaving but I have been briefly emotional only a couple of times and I still have my daily routine until the day I leave- everything is still very normal.

Yesterday I got my host family info. I can't wait to meet them and be a part of their lives and culture.

Mother: Violeta Occupation: Business woman
Father: Rafael Occupation: Teacher

Children who live with them:
Bryan (11) student
Julián (17) teacher
Alejandro (25) Lawyer

I have found out more about the teach English program as well. I will be teaching 4 days per week. I will be teaching classes of 40 girls- 3rd grade for 1/2 hour and 5th and 6th grade for 1 hour each. I may also be teaching firemen and policemen if requested of me. I get private Spanish lessons daily. I have Wednesdays and weekends free to travel and explore. I am also super excited for the food. You all know how much love beans, rice & tortillas!

I am so thrilled to be somewhere else besides this office chair for awhile.....


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