Thursday, March 22, 2007


I arrived in Rostock (in northern Germany) today. My friend Dave (from college) and his girlfriend, Lise, live here. Dave works for the Max Planck Institute. So far, the weather in Germany leaves a lot to be desired- In Berlin, it rained much of the day yesterday, snowed last night and Rostock is rainy and windy. Fabulous! I feel right at home.

Dave picked me up from the train station just after lunchtime and we took my backpack back to their place and Dave pointed me in the direction of the internet cafe while he went to a meeting at work. He thinks he will be able to take tomorrow afternoon off from work, hopefully we will get to go to the coast here in Germany!

Dave says that Rostock used to be a main port for Europe, but in 1990 everything shut down. Now the unemployment here is 21%! It is an adorable little town, a lot different from the bustle of Berlin. I can tell that this place is waaaay less visited than the previous stops on my trip- not many people speak english and prices are much cheaper- 1,80 Euros for one hour of internet.... IF you can find one of the two internet facilities that is.

Yesterday I gave myself the uber-express tour of Berlin... In the morning I will write more about Berlin and my day yesterday- I have so much to write! check back!!


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