Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Golden Arches- A Memory of Dad

Dad and I were in Cottage Grove visiting grandma and grandpa. I couldn't sleep and dad was awake working on his log books. I got up and joined him at the dining room table- grandma and grandpa lived on Pritchett Place then. (I can even remember the street number...) After we chatted for awhile, he got up and went to the window and said, "Wanna go get something to eat? The golden arches are still lit up, see?" as he pointed to the blazing golden "M" of the McDonald's a few blocks east. So, we hopped in gramma's little Toyota pickup in the cool and quiet Oregon mid-summer and went to the drive-thru and ordered milkshakes and fries. I miss his spontaneity....

Monday, March 06, 2006


To Whom It May Concern:

I hereby declare that I have disowned my birth state of South Dakota, land of "beautiful open skies and closed-minded politics," as my dear friend Teresa said. From now on, I am from a place which I no longer identify with. Perhaps now I will say that I am from Wyoming (where I was apparently conceived.) That is better than SD since there are now GAY cowboys, huh? At least THEY haven't banned abortions and unseated probably the most logical and outspoken Senate Majority Leader. Dear family, why do you wonder why I moved from this place?

If you don't want an abortion, don't get one. Just don't take away another's choice to do so. You don't know others' circumstances. Why do you feel the need to control everyone else and their decisions?

To those of you in and/or from South Dakota, I am not disowning YOU- I love you unconditionally and I always will- no matter what mistakes you may make or what place you may be in at the wrong time, regardless of whether you can or can't say no (physically or not) or your domestic, financial or educational situation. More and more I am embarrassed by my country and my former home state. I feel sorry for those who still live there and I offer a safe place in Portland, Oregon for your right to choose life....Or death.