Wednesday, September 06, 2006

At the Carwash

So, this morning on my way to work I made a pit stop at Car Wash Man. I periodically (every 1-2 years) pay the $17 for the much-needed interior/exterior clean up. They clean the inside of your windows, vacuum, dust all the dashboards and console. They take it through the car wash and use the "triple polish." When it's done in the soap tunnel they Armor All the tires and clean the exterior mirrors and dry it all off. I love it. It feels like a new truck!

While you're waiting for your new car to emerge from its rebirth you take your ticket inside to pay. They have a little store there- car mats, air fresheners, CD visor storage, etc. New this trip though was a soda case and a cappuccino machine so you can spill all over your clean car. They also have free popcorn for customers. I wonder how many kernels they vacuum out of cars per year? All in all, its a great way to maintain their business. I mean, people eat in their cars all the time- Americans can't move at the slow pace that Europeans do- we have to eat on the run! I fell for it. I got one of their over-sugared french vanilla capuccinos. It promptly swished out of the tiny hole in the lid onto my immaculate dash and spotless cup holder when I drove out of the Car Wash Man parking lot.


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