Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back to the Real World, again

Hola Amigos!

I really really really meant to blog while I was in Mexico, but there was so much to do: nap on the beach, work hard on my tan, eat & drink, play in the waves, sea kayak, visit some Mayan ruins, eat & drink, snorkel, get a mud treatment and massage, eat & drink... It just seemed that I didn't have the time for the computer this trip.

Actually, I could have blogged. The thing is- this wasn't really one of those introspective "finding Nicole" trips. I didn't go by myself and I really didn't want to spend a lot of time online. It was not difficult to not have technology at my fingertips and it was not difficult to disconnect from news and politics back home. It was rather refreshing to do pretty much nothing- just relax and have fun. I even got up early one morning and watched the sunrise...

Poolside in Cancun... my new favorite cervesa- Modelo Light- in my cozy....

Look what I found in Mexico!
The bi-otch in Tulum

Bicycles at Coba

Tulum Ruins
The cabana next door
My boys- Matty and Anders
I thought they were called boobies?
Fresh pineapple

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