Wednesday, May 03, 2006

3 de Mayo

This morning I started my español class after a delicious breakfast of fried plantains, scrambled eggs, frijoles, soya and tea. The pants I wore on the plane are already much tighter on me. I don´t have much will power for the fabulous food here- I will have to ask Violeta to give me smaller portions from now on....

Anyway, my morning teacher is Lorena and she is a keeper. Marta does a lot of vocabulario, she and has me read and do excercises from one of her textbooks which I find soooo boring. Lorena is also very patient like Marta but she does the right ratio of conversational español and vocabulario. We even went to the corner office supply store and bought pens during class. I know it probably doesn´t sound riveting, but how many times have you told your instructor that you needed different pens and she offered to go with you on a little educational excursion? Lorena speaks just the right amount of English too- only enough to explain concepts or words that I don´t understand the explanation in español. I feel like I learned more from her in one morning than my entire 6-week Berlitz class. We had a (broken, but understandable) in Spanish! She was very interested in my life in the US and I got a lot of info about her life- her family, her history, etc. Unfortunately, Lorena only teaches in the morning.

During my lunch break, I walked to the market to buy a watch (for some reason, there are a limited number of clocks here and I have left all technology in Portland.) I got this hideous Casio (knock off? probably) with an alarm for Q$35 (about US$5.50) which is great considering the first place I went offered the same one for Q$75. I also went to the post office and bought some stamps and put a few postcards in the mail. We´ll see how long it takes for all you to receive them. Let me know....

I´m afraid I will be blogging less now as I have places to be from 8am-5:30pm and I have homework (!!) which leaves waaay less time to write here. I will still try to write everyday, it just may not be so detailed. This has been such a great way to track my thoughts and activities. I hope you are all enjoying this. I would love to hear from you!


At 8:35 AM, May 05, 2006, Blogger Webly said...

This is all so exciting! Maybe I would have learned spanish had I gone someone besides an american public school class room for 2 years!

Tell me about the different fruits you can get there!

At 2:07 PM, May 06, 2006, Blogger nicole said...

The fruit isn´t really all that different, its the way its sold. There is mango and oranges and bananas everywhere. I´ve heard that I can´t eat the fruit that´s already peeled- these adorable young girls in traditional Guat. dress sell fruit on every corner! For breakfast, my host family ususally serves watermelon or strawberries.... but the meals are delish!! Miss you! Hope youa re well! n


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