Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Really Good Week

It has been a good week. Barack Obama was elected president and I passed my LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) exam.

First off- everybody, please lower your expectations. 

Obama has a lot of really hopeful, really fired up people to please in the coming years, but I warn you- in the words of Bill Moyers: "He will disappoint. Presidents always do." I am surely one of those hopeful people, but I don't expect President-elect Obama to be superhuman. Things happen slowly in government (unless, of course, you are a struggling bank) and with the enormity of the problems Mr. Obama will take on beginning in January, he would have to be a superhero to "fix" them all very quickly. 

As far as my recent name suffix, "LEED AP,"  I don't expect to actually use what I learned in a direct way anytime soon. I work in a 3-person residential architecture firm that mostly does budget-friendly additions and remodels. Sure, I will use the ideas from the LEED rating system, but I can't imagine getting any of our projects LEED certified.

...But it is still a good week.

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At 10:23 PM, November 13, 2008, Blogger heidi said...

CONGRATS!!! Yay, LEED-lady.


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