Friday, May 05, 2006

End of Week 1

I have finished my first week of espanol. Whew!! I am absolutely exhausted. 7 hours a day of classes in the sun is pretty tough. That means I have been here for almost a week!

It's funny- they teach basic greetings and responses in the first day, but I feel like none of the answers they taught apply to me.... "Why are you here in Guatemala?".... Why am I here? Is it because of my dad? Is it because I need a break from my job? Is it because I am trying to find something? Or find myself? None of the phrases I know apply to my response. I have resorted to responding as "It's a vacation." I want to tell the truth, but it's not possible en espaƱol (partly because its in the past tense and I am currently learning how to speak in the present tense.)


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