Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mi Ultimo Dia....

Juego de Futbol
The spanish school arranged a futbol game yesterday because of much pressure from my friend Lisa and myself. Playing in Guatemala was on my list of things to do while here. There were only 10 of us including 2 people we kinda picked up at Joco Fut, the sports complex. I was hoping for lush green grass but the ¨field¨we played on was asphalt and kiddie size (which was best because we are all getting old and have gotten fat in Guatemala.) The weather was perfect and we had so much fun.

Hotel Santa Domingo
After the game I went to the most amazing place- Hotel Santa Domingo. It was the most gorgeous building. The hotel is built on the site of monastery ruins and there is a new monastery there as well. I didn´t have time to go through the museum, but I could see a great part of it from a patio near the pool. There were parrots everywhere and monk music (don´t know the real term, sorry) playing throughout. It was so relaxing just walking through. If you ever make it to Antigua, be sure to visit the hotel.

Final Fiesta
I bought my favorite cake from my favorite sweet shop, La Cenicienta, to share with the family after dinner. A delicious cake with white fluffy frosting and strawberries and a layer of fruit filling. (None of the sweets here are too sweet!) After packing I ate my final dinner with the Rodriguez family and Carolina, my housemate who has been such great support while I have been here.

After dinner, my peeps and I met up for my final fiesta. It was so great to see everyone one last time and exchange e-mail addresses and such. I am working on planning a trip to Holland at the end of August/ beginning of September and my friend Jesse came up with a great idea for t-shirt that I´m in charge of getting printed for everyone.... I´m hoping a particular family member will be able to help me out with that.... I got to bed really late and now I´m exhausted but it was soooo worth it. I still think the rum here has no preservatives. No goma (hangover)!!

Last night and this morning were so hard for me. I was tearful many times as I am right now. Violeta made my favorite breakfast of her amazing pancakes and we hugged and waved goodbye up until the last possible moment. I went to say final goodbyes at the spanish school too. I am at the airport now, waiting to leave but wishing I was staying.


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