Thursday, May 18, 2006

Teaching, Day 3

Teaching today went really well again. The girls are really comfortable with me speaking English now. What a relief! Emily and I have also divided the English classes differently instead of team teaching. I also realized that I really wanted experience teaching alone, which is what I would probably do if I decide to teach in Spain. That is also a relief. Each of us will now be teaching two 1-hour classes instead of one 30-minute class and two 1-hour classes, each at a different level. This makes planning a lot easier as well as now each of us only has to plan for `one` class.

The girls have physical education on Wednesdays so I had yesterday morning off and it was so nice. I really haven´t had a lot of free time since my first few days here. I ran some errands and set up a massage for 12:00 at Centro Naturista. C.N. is a place just outside of Antigua where the massages are US$8.50 for 45 minutes. It was great. The spa also had a sauna and all kinds of loose teas and health food, which has been really hard to find here. Tuesdays and Wednesdays they have reduced prices for the massages. All other days the massage price includes unlimited sauna time. Sweet.

I haven´t talked at all about my new Spanish instructor. Her name is Maritza and she is also a really good instructor. She is really strict about my grammar (which is good because I have been kinda careless) and she does really helpful excercies and a lot of review, both of which I really need! She has a really great sense of humor as well. Some of the other students have asked me what we are always laughing about....

Today I will be booking a weekend trip to the beach with some other students from the Spanish school. I am rallying for San Salvador, El Salvador (US$50 includes hotel) but I will settle for Monterrico, Guatemala. $20 more in El Salvador gets you a surfboard and a 2-hour lesson. And our hotel would be right on the beach. If anybody has been to El Salvador, please let me know what you thought. I haven´t heard much about it.


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