Monday, November 13, 2006

My "To Do" List

1. Try out some sort of Martial Art
2. Learn how to type. The real, official way- not with just SIX fingers like I do now.
3. TRAVEL!!! As much as I can!!
a. Africa. Specifically, see the Sahara Desert.
b. Hawaii
c. Greece
d. Morocco
e. Australia/New Zealand
f. more of Europe: Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Canary Islands, Majorca.
g. Mexico. Unbelieveable I know, but I've never been there.
h. South America- Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina (Andes!!) and Brazil
i. Thailand, Laos
j. India
4. Try out for a play or do some sort of acting
5. 'Create' things again
6. Sail
7. Learn how to fly (a plane preferably)
8. Go to the Roden Crater (
9. Go to the Lightning Field (
10. Help build a house in Guatemala.
11. Victoria Falls
12. (I will repost as this list changes and grows.....)


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