Friday, March 30, 2007

Keukenhoff and my Return to Amsterdam

Yesterday I spilt from Mike + Machado to go to Keukenhoff, Holland. It's where they grow a bunch of tulips and have a huge garden complex. Oh, how I wish I could post photos! It wasn't sunny and it was a pain in the arse to get to but it was worth it- nearly everything is blooming!

Luckily, Mike and Machado had cold Heineken waiting for me when I got to the hotel last night. It is a real craphole. We thought it would be a great idea to be in the center of town, which happens to be the red light district. Actually, the online description said "on the edge of" the red light district. The photos on line were nice, I swear!!! Anyway, the safe is broken, its a tiny room and the shower area has no door. (Not so great for privacy when I am staying with two guys.) The free breakfast was white bread, meat, hard-boiled eggs, cheese and corn flakes. And you know how I hate corn flakes! The coffee was even horrible. I have not had a bad cup of coffee on my trip until this morning.

Our Amsterdam Hotel window. That window to the right of the street is a "working" window.

Gerrit Reitveld

Coffee at Cafe Walem

Today, we walked to two Gerrit Reitveld spaces: Cafe Walem and M Cafe. Gerrit is a famous designer from the De Stijl movement... Sadly, neither space was remarkable. Both appeared to have been remodeled since Gerrit was there. The M Cafe was fun though because it was in the sixth floor of the Metz Department store and I had a great view of Keizergracht canal with the Rijksmuseum in the background. M+M went to that museum while I went back to Albert Cuypmarkt, hoping to find a dress or two for the 23 weddings I get to go to this summer. We met back at Museumplein and I had another waffle sundae. MMMMMM.

Prostitute Information Center
I visited Prostitute Information Center. Strangely, it is next to a historic cathedral in the red light district. (There are couple of windows just across from the church.) I wanted to go here to try to dispel any myths about prostitution.... I bought some literature. I'll fill you in....

We picked up a mini-Heine(ken) keg on the way home... I gotta get back before Machado drinks it all...


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