Friday, May 25, 2007

9 minutes, 43 seconds

9 minutes, 43 seconds. That was my mile time this morning. For all you runners it really sucks, but for me it is awesome. My time 3 weeks ago was 11 minutes, 04 seconds. For anyone who is already on vacation, that's 1 minute and 21 seconds faster.

I actually didn't sleep much at all last night- I think I was so nervous or stressed out about running today. But I finished! And I barely walked at all! (I guess that means I am REALLY slow....)

I signed up for the next bootcamp which begins on June 4th at which time I will run it again, twice. And I will report back.

I am still awaiting any running tips for dummies.... most importantly how to prevent or eliminate sideaches. Or what the hell I am supposed to do in general relative to breathing, pacing or anything relevant. I am clueless.

I would like to thank Outkast, Pinback and Jay-Z for getting me through my mile!


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